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A lot of kids want to be astronauts; but how many are aware of the scientists who make space travel possible? In the New Mexico Rocketeer Academy Summer Camp program, they’ll learn all about the technology, culture, and history of the space program in New Mexico.

This summer camp is offered by the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo. The International Space Hall of Fame Foundation operates the program. In technology and education, multiple observatories, test facilities, and museums support the camp. It provides educational, hands-on summer activities for children between kindergarten and ninth grade. The sessions take place on Mondays in June and July, scheduled by grade level.

The Value of Summer Education and Fun

The Rocketeer Academy Summer Camp includes sessions on topics like robotics, aviation, astronomy, and rocket science.  During these sessions, kids learn about aerospace engineers and the development of newer and safer technology for traveling in space. They apply concepts and skills relevant to science, technology, engineering, math, and health (STEM-H) to a range of fun activities. The educational benefits of the program can’t be understated since the equivalent of one month of overall learning is typically lost during summer vacation!

Your kids will also get to learn important life lessons, such as the value of failure in achieving success. They’ll practice the art of failing on purpose in an effort to learn something new.  They will achieve this with activities like building rockets with intentional flaws so they can launch, recover, and investigate the craft to see what went wrong and how to improve it, learning that failure is the path to success.

For those aspiring astronauts, the program covers the ins and outs of space travel and what real astronauts experience. Children will also learn about New Mexico’s place in the culture and history of the space program and how technology has advanced over time to make space travel safer.

Sign Your Kids Up for an Exciting Summer

The New Mexico Rocketeer Academy SM Summer Camp program evolved from the Shuttle Camp program. It started providing educational opportunities for local students in 1986. The program quickly gained popularity through the engaging activities and experiences provided. Today, children from around the world came to the Rocketeer Academy to discover space travel technology and how to apply the subjects in STEM-H in the real world.

Who doesn’t want to give the kids an exciting and memorable summer vacation? Why not choose one that will keep their brains active and prevent learning loss? New Mexico Rocketeer Academy Summer Camp program is the coolest summer camp in New Mexico, so take a moment to learn more from the New Mexico Museum of Space History website, and register your child today to reserve a spot.


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