Johnna Russell

Johnna is a writer and editor with a deep love and respect for the beauty, magic, and mystery of the great state of New Mexico. Johnna grew up right on the border between New Mexico and West Texas. Her favorite childhood memories are of frequent visits to Carlsbad Caverns. She enjoys learning all she can about this breathtaking state and sharing information with other lovers of New Mexico.

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  1. Davy Delgado
    October 13, 2018 @ 3:23 pm

    In the early-mid 1960s, one or more Albuquerque television stations signed-on with a song about New Mexico (not the one by Elizabeth Garrett). I think the lyrics began: “Mother Nature made New Mexico… It ended with: “…America’s enchanted land.” Can you find out anything about it? Maybe Howard Morgan (retired weatherman) would know.


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