Lucky Gonzalez

Born and raised in the great state of! I feel that New Mexico offers so much more than just green chile, we're far too under appreciated and overlooked. I'm proud to do whatever I can to help change that!

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  1. Queen Frostine
    July 11, 2017 @ 7:14 am

    I say hoax, but you can never be too sure. Too bad we don’t have a recording of the call! CB radio users often prank each other, make up ridiculous names for themselves & do other crap just for shiggles.

    The NM desert is vast & rugged, so if someone WAS stranded out there it would be hard to find them in time. And this was August, when the heat would’ve been unbearable. I assume nobody reported a boy and his dad missing around that time?

    The fact that this played out over 5 days lends more credence to it. Most pranksters would be bored and give up before that, but maybe not if they knew a search was happening & people were buying it.

    I’m saying 70% hoax; 30% real.


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