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Which of These Movies Were Filmed in New Mexico?

Have you ever watched a movie and thought “Hey… That looks a whole lot like where I live!” when watching some of your favorite movies?  Well, you might be surprised to find out how many of Hollywood’s greatest hits were actually filmed in New Mexico. Do you think you can figure …
New Mexico's Capitals of the World, Do You Know Them?

New Mexico’s Capitals of the World take your average town’s “claim to fame” and turns it up to eleven! Though these are all self-proclaimed, it’s interesting to see what each place claims to be the “World Capital” of. Do you know all 10?   If you want to test your …
How Well Do You Know New Mexico?

Test your mental might!     Want to find out more fun facts about New Mexico? Take this quiz to see Which Movies Were Filmed in New Mexico !

How much do you know about New Mexico’s staple food?

Wild west outlaws made a lasting impression on New Mexico’s culture and legacy. Take our quiz and find out which New Mexico outlaw you are!

New Mexico is home to a ton of  monuments and parks that represent our great history and state. Some of these parks are a definite must for summer travels but before you load the family into the wagon, test your NM State park knowledge!  

We know that our wonderful state gives us a ton of variety. You may be more Northern or more Southern New Mexican, but we can all unite in the love of our magical sunsets. Know of any other fun things that make you more Southern or Northern New Mexican? Comment …