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Have you ever heard of Yerba Mate? Chances are, you haven’t! Yerba Mate is an herbal drink common is South America, widely (or not so-well) known in the U.S. for its health benefits. Countries in South America have been drinking it for centuries, such as Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay to name a few, and the U.S. has only recently picked up this refreshing and health-conscious beverage.

1. Yerba Mate can cure a hangover

South Americans use Yerba Mate for a variety of ailments, especially that dreaded next-morning hangover. Don’t want to deal with the effects of having had one too many? Yerba Mate is the cure! Look for Yuyos as the main ingredient. Other benefits include help with digestion, weight loss, allergies, pain, and general immune system support. This drink houses several vitamins and minerals, so you’re sure to boost your health by adding this drink into your diet.

Yerba Mate
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2. You can drink it hot or cold

Known as Tereré, this drink can be prepared hot or cold. It is referred to as mate if drunken hot, and Tereré if drunken cold. While its most popular form is cold, no matter if it’s digested hot or cold, there’s no doubt that Yerba Mate is the way to go.

Yerba Mate
Courtesy, David’s Tea

3. The most popular form of drink is through a thermos

Although it can be made and drunk similar to the way we prepare loose leaf tea, the most popular form is through a thermos with a small cup and a straw complete with a filter at the bottom. The thermos is full of water (hot or cold), and the cup is full of the finely chopped bits of Yerba. You won’t find this at Starbucks, and for good reason!

Yerba Mate
Courtesy, Termos Paraguay

4. It comes from the Guaraní people

Native to present-day Paraguay, the Guaraní people first discovered and consumed this drink from the plant, drinking it hot or cold from the nearest river. The Jesuits learned the benefits of Yerba Mate (known as ka’a in the Guaraní language) through the Guaraní people, and domesticated the plant into what it is largely known for today.

Yerba Mate
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5. Tereré is the official drink of Paraguay

Paraguayans celebrate a day dedicated to this drink on the last day in February. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t adopt this drink as your own. Fill your body up with this fresh and rejuvenating fluid and you won’t be disappointed. If you happen to venture to this South American country, you’ll find people everywhere carrying around their thermos-cup contraption and sharing the drink with those around them.

Yerba Mate
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Sold on this unique and tasty herbal drink? You can purchase Yerba Mate in many forms, the most popular as a pre-made drink or as a loose-leaf tea. You can find the pre-made drink at most health food stores under the brand Guayaki, coming in several flavors such as Revel Berry and Bluephoria. If you choose to do as the South Americans do, you can purchase Yerba Mate and Mocha Yerba Mate from Old Barrel Tea Company, located in Albuquerque, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, and Old Mesilla.

Yerba Mate
Courtesy, Old Barrel Tea Company

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