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New Mexico’s Capitals of the World take your average town’s “claim to fame” and turns it up to eleven! Though these are all self-proclaimed, it’s interesting to see what each place claims to be the “World Capital” of. Do you know all 10?

Which place is the "Cowboy Capital of the World"?

The claim is backed by the fact that Buffalo Bill and Kit Carson lived in Cimarron and Annie Oakley, Jesse James, and Wyatt Earp lived there.

Where is the former "Carrot Capital of the World"?

Grants was the Carrot Capital of the World until California took the title by using cellophane to wrap them.

What claims to be the "Native American Capital of the World"?

Gallup is the trading center for more than 20 Native American Groups, and every August it hosts the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial.

Which place is the "Uranium Capital of the World"?

Grants produced most of the nation's uranium after World War II and through the Cold War.

Which city is the "Leap Year Capital of the World"?

Anthony holds a Worldwide Leap Year festival every February 29th to celebrate the birthdays of everyone born that day.

The "Alien Capital of the World" is where?

Roswell's claim to fame is the UFO Festival, Museum, and numerous "aliens" that dot the city everywhere you go. The UFO crash that Roswell is famous for happened closer to Corona, but they don't have any little green men hiding as street lights.

Where is the "Lowrider Capital of the World"?

Española supposedly has more lowriders per capita than any other place on earth.

Which of these is the current "Pinto Bean Capital of the World"?

Moriarty has claimed the title since 1981, and hosts the Pinto Bean Fiesta to prove it. Back in the early 1900s, though, the title was held by Mountainair, which had the largest bean processing center of its time.

Where is the self-proclaimed "Fractal Capital of the World"?

Albuquerque lays claim to this oddly specific title, being the location of the Fractal Foundation and the Albuquerque Fractal Challenge. Winners of the challenge have their images installed as large public art displays on the side of buildings.

You know the "Chile Capital of the World", right?

Home of the Hatch Chile Festival, you know all about this claim!


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