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The winds are here and so is fruit season!
 So, you may be wondering what is so great about apricots that warrants a full article!  Read on to find out the history and uses of this delicious desert fruit.

 Apricots were introduced to New Mexico by the Moorish settlers from Spain as early as the 1630’s, according to newmexicohistory.org, and were part of the agriculture that helped us to become a thriving settlement.

 They bloom almost perfectly in New Mexico; early, but just late enough to avoid the last frosts. This is why apricots are one of the first fruits to show up on our shelves in spring.
Okay, I’m sure at this point you are saying to yourself, who is this obsessive apricot person, and  why does this matter?
Well, for me, one of the beauties of this state is how from the outside it may look like we are all crazy people living in a dirt eating desert, but when you look around you start to see the abundance of bounty we have here!  I’m sure all of you have a Tia or Abuela with an apricot tree in the back yard! So the next time you think that we are all just gonna have to learn to live off of tortillas, beans and potatoes remember that we have a thriving fruit harvest each spring that begins with apricots!
BTW this recipe will have you wanting to go right out to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh apricots and make sure you save the pits so you can start a harvest right at home!
New Mexico’s Green Chile Apricot Jam!
 3 ½ cups finely (or coarsely depending on how chunky you want it) fresh apricots (with skin)
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
 6 cups sugar
 1 package liquid (or 2 tbls powdered) fruit pectin
1 cup chopped fresh green chili peppers
How ya mix em up:
1. Add the apricots, lemon juice and sugar together in a large sauce pot, bring the mixture to a rolling boil while stirring constantly to prevent sticking/burning/sadness.
2. Once at a rolling boil add the fruit pectin and the green chile. Cook for an additional minute.
3. Carefully spoon into clean jelly jars, top with lids and then either refrigerate to  properly  ensure freshness when opening.
Know of any other delightful fruits you can add to a chile jam? Comment below!

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