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Too many dogs are purchased or adopted by well meaning families who don’t realize that they lack the resources, long-term stability, availability, or patience to care for them. Those pets and their treasured humans can end up with uncertain futures and tearful goodbyes.

Make sure that your family and home are really ready for the commitment before you adopt a dog in New Mexico.  If you aren’t ready, right now, then the dream of finally meeting your forever pet could serve as motivation to achieve the milestones that will will get you there.

If you are ready to adopt a pet in New Mexico, then going to a no-kill pet shelter is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and rewarding things you can do. Learn about the top three places to adopt a pet in New Mexico, then do your research before making a decision.

1. Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Watermelon Mountain Ranch (WMR) began as a small community project in the late 90’s. Since then, the non-profit no-kill shelter has saved the lives of over 100,000 New Mexico pets.

Today, WMR has an excellent reputation for their humanity towards rescue animals, their dedication to finding great homes and families for each one, and their commitment to customer service and education. They’ve won multiple ‘Best of the City’ awards from Albuquerque The Magazine, including ‘Best Place to Adopt a Pet’ and ‘Best Pet Rescue Group.’

WMR is currently hosting a Home for the Holidays Adoptathon event until December 17. The event encourages the community to adopt from no-kill shelters and rescue groups, while collecting holiday donations for the rescue pets.

You’ll find WMR adoption centers for dogs and cats at Petsense and Petsmart locations throughout Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you’re not in a position to adopt a pet right now, then get your daily dose of joy from Happy Tails in the  real stories of animals who finally found their place in the world.

2 Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico

The Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico is also participating in the Home for the Holidays Events. the Lap Dog Rescue has been recognized as one of the best places to adopt a well cared for and lovingly socialized pup.

This isn’t technically a shelter, though. Rather, this non-profit organization is composed of a network of foster homes where kind and attentive volunteers care for them like a part of the family. These dogs don’t spend their time in kennels, and you rest assured that someone with a big heart has been interacting with each dog. This means that any lapdog you may wish to adopt is far more likely to be a friendly companion with excellent house manners.

adopt a dog in new mexico

Another cool thing about Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico is their social media presence. They maintain an updated album with endearing photos of the currently available pups. They keep another album for the dogs being held for adoption, and another with uplifting, heartwarming success stories. Their page is worth following for the beautiful photos and happily ever afters, even if you aren’t planning to adopt a dog in New Mexico just yet.

All of our adoptables are in one album which is continually updated.* Just click on a photo to see more about the…

Posted by Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico on Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3 Pet-a-Bulls

Pet-a-Bulls is yet another great non-profit that is dedicated to improving the lives of our animal friends in New Mexico. This one is an adoption group in which volunteers search the animal shelters of New Mexico for pit bulls to rescue.

These ‘bully’ breeds tend to be viewed as more dangerous than they are, and like black cats, they’ve suffered from a societal stigma that leaves them with fewer options for forever homes.

Fortunately for the rescued pit bulls at Pet-A-Bulls, there are still people out there who adore these breeds and recognize them for the kind and gentle creatures that they are. Pet-A-Bulls takes excellent care of these animals, allowing them to live in their homes, as part of their families, until they find forever homes. The great thing about this is that the volunteers know these dogs well and are better equipped to ensure that they go to a family who is well suited to their needs and preferences.

Think Before You Adopt a Dog in New Mexico

If you’ve been considering introducing a new pet to your family, this is a great time to do it. Just don’t make the decision lightly. Do your research and consider the variables that may change in your life over the next few years. If you have doubts, you might want to wait until the next great time to do it.

Remember that when you adopt a pet in New Mexico, you invest your heart and the heart of your home. You also invest the heart of a soon-to-be dearly loved friend and family member. The last thing you want is to face the harsh reality of a choice you don’t want to make.

Having said that, if you do find yourself in the position where you must re-home a pet, do so responsibly, and give your pet the best chance to live a happy life in a good home. And if you’re thinking of adopting, please support your local no-kill shelters and adoption groups. If you can make a lifelong commitment to your new best friend, then adopt a dog in New Mexico because a loving home is the best gift you can give for the holidays.

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