New Mexican born and Midwestern raised, Samantha Melby, enjoys all things related to travel, culture, and the musings of love and life. The New Mexican culture is one that her parents brought with them, and she frequently visits the enchanting state. Samantha is happily engaged with two fur babies—Mia, the Labrador, and Luna, the Bengal cat. You can often find her writing, exploring, or pursuing artistic endeavors.

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  1. Amelia Chavez
    September 23, 2018 @ 2:28 am

    12223 W. Hinton St.
    Day (9/22//2018 I really enjoyed reading all the information these pages hold. As a child, we spent most of our time in Hatch. I remember picking chile, at my uncles farms. All my uncles had an acre or two, planted with chile. We could have all we wanted but, we had to pick it our self’s. With 10 sister’s and 3 brother’s my dad had all the help he needed! I miss those day’s, riding in my uncle’s tractor thru the field’s.
    I was born in Deming, but live in Tucson, AZ. now.
    I have wanted to move back home, for such a long time! My husband wanted to retire in Deming. But that will be impossible now, as he need’s to be here for his health and his doctor’s are good. I doubt that we’d be willing to travel to Las Cruse’s or El Paso every doctor’s appointment.
    Really enjoyed this wonderful website. Feeling homesick now….Thank you


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