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Thanksgiving in New Mexico is by far the best holiday between Día de los Muertos and Christmas. In our modern lives, it has become a tradition of warmth and togetherness. Friends and family put aside their differences and come together to share a meal with the ones we love. Even strangers come together to break bread, to be grateful, and to celebrate the joys of pumpkin pie and love for your fellow man.

Thanksgiving in New Mexico

Today, Thanksgiving in New Mexico is a time to give generously to others and a time to give thanks for our blessings. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, however can be a nightmare. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving event or have been asked to bring a dish, then we can make your life easier with some excellent recipes and tips for a stress free Thanksgiving, no matter how many people you’re trying to feed or entertain.

Bringing a Simple Dish to Thanksgiving in New Mexico

If you’re planning to spend your Thanksgiving this year at the home of a friend or relative, then you may be asked to bring a dish. Even if you aren’t asked to bring one, it never hurts to contribute to the feast. If you’d like to bring a dish, and you don’t have a special recipe of your own, there’s no need to make things too complicated.

Make a simple Green Chile Stew in a crock pot the day before for a dish that doesn’t require too much work or skills, will feed several people as a side, and is one of our personal favorite dishes. If you love green chile, but want an even simpler recipe, then bring some tortilla chips and Hatch Green Chile Dip to your Thanksgiving party.

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If you’d like to bring something healthy to counter all of the pumpkin pie you’re going to eat, there are quite a few brilliant New Mexico recipes that will make your whole family love veggies. Many Thanksgiving side dish recipes can be prepared in advance with very few ingredients. Making up a quick cranberry sauce or a sweet potato or green bean casserole is great way to get ready a couple days in advance and make your Thanksgiving preparations a breeze. Of course, the most popular person at any family dinner is the one who brings the margaritas. Ask the host if this is okay, and you’ll find plenty of fun margarita recipes to minimize stress on Thanksgiving.

Hosting a Family Dinner for Thanksgiving in New Mexico

If you wanted to completely avoid stress this Thanksgiving, then hosting a family dinner is certainly not going to help you to achieve this goal. Yet, it is entirely possible to minimize your stress and help things to go a lot more smoothly. Use these tips to ensure that your family dinner goes off without a hitch and without injury:

  • Plan Ahead! The first thing to do is to start planning your dinner in advance. If you haven’t focused on the details yet, then now is the time to do so. Create a menu. Consider how many people you need to feed. Gather your ingredients, and ask for help. Planning and preparing Thanksgiving together is a wonderful bonding activity that also makes the holiday less stressful for everyone. Be sure that you have everything you’re going to need before Thanksgiving arrives. Nobody wants to try to find an open store on the holidays.
  • Ask guests to bring a dish to pass. There’s no reason for you to have to do all of the work when you host a family dinner for Thanksgiving in New Mexico. When you ask your guests to bring a dish, find out what they’re going to bring so that you don’t end up with too much of anything and not enough of another. You can also ask people if they are willing to make specific dishes that will take some work off of your shoulders.
  • Designate an area in your home for coats, purses, and other guest belongings to keep these things from piling up and crowding everyone into a corner.
  • Think about space! Speaking of crowding, Thanksgiving can get stressful really quickly if you have too many people in too small of a space. If your dinner is going to be larger than you can accommodate in your kitchen or other area of your home, then consider renting a larger venue for the day.

Find more tips for planning Thanksgiving in New Mexico without stress, and share yours with us.

Restaurant Dining for Thanksgiving in New Mexico

A home cooked meal is the traditional image of Thanksgiving, but it is not your only option.  When it comes to reducing stress for the holidays, many New Mexicans find the perfect solution in restaurant dining. Some prefer restaurant dining for Thanksgiving in New Mexico because they don’t have big family plans. Others simply would rather take their whole Thanksgiving day party of friends and family for a restaurant meal because nobody has to cook or clean. Of course, this can get quite expensive if you aren’t careful.

Thanksgiving in New Mexico

Call a few restaurants to ask about party, holiday, and group rates. Then, compare prices and talk to your guests about dividing the cost. One popular option is for everyone in the party to meet at a restaurant, but to pay for their meals separately. Buffets are often far less expensive for larger groups. However you choose to plan your restaurant dining experience for Thanksgiving, let the restaurant know you’re coming. Many restaurants are closed for the holiday, and those that are open won’t have an abundance of empty tables.

Some of the highest rated restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving in New Mexico include:

For a more budget friendly Thanksgiving dinner, consider reserving a space for your party at your local Golden Corral (Albuquerque, Farmington, Gallup, Roswell, Las Cruces), Applebee’s (Los Lunas, Albuquerque, San Bernalillo), or Cracker Barrel (Las Cruces, Gallup, Albuquerque).

Thanksgiving in New Mexico
Thanksgiving Meal at Cracker Barrel

What are your plans for Turkey Day this year? Good luck planning your stress free Thanksgiving in New Mexico!

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