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Contrary to popular belief, New Mexico is NOT just a giant swath of dry desert. It’s actually home to some of the most unique and beautiful hot springs in the country. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s see how you feel after the article! Here are our top ten hot springs in NM!

1. River Bend Hot Springs: Located in the quaint little riverside town of Truth or Consequences. A little slice of Heaven on the Rio Grande!

2. Gila Hot Springs Ranch: Located in the Gila National Forest near Silver City, NM this little family owned ranch has been hosting soakers since 1940. If you’re into clean/family friends camping sites with little noise, then these pools are your choice destination!

3. Giggling Hot Springs: This beautiful desert oasis can be found in the Jemez wilderness. Don’t worry, it’s not a mirage!

4. Ojo Caliente: Need a place to heal your mind, body and soul? Look no further than Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa! Soak in the open, naturally beautiful seemingly hidden pool located about an hour north of Santa Fe.

5. Black Rock Hot Springs:  Also known as the John Dunn hot springs,  the Black Rock hot springs are especially beautiful. Located at the very edge of the Rio Grande, the mud-bottomed rock pools maintain a steady 97 degrees F (as long as the river isn’t overflowing!).

6. Manby Hot Springs: Also known as Stagecoach Hot Springs, Manby is just a hop, skip and a float away from Black Rock. With its sandy bottom pools, it’s sure to be a cozy spot to relax next to the rio.

7. Jordan Hot Springs: Located in the heart of the Gila Wilderness, these hot springs are sure to capture your awe. With plenty of space for a full group of friends to enjoy themselves, the only thing in your way is the 14-mile hike! But hey, that should a breeze with all that gorgeous NM scenery to take in on your way.

8. Spence Hot Springs: If you didn’t think the views in New Mexico could get any better, well check this out! This amazing spot is located Jemez wilderness with a truly incredible view of the Jemez Canyon. Beat the crowds and get there in the morning as this has become somewhat of a popular destination.

9. Turkey Creek Hot Springs: This primitive hot spring site is great because you can build your own pools! Just grab some of the large rocks around the area and build your own personal tub. Also located in the vast Gila Wilderness, these springs are a great way to relax after a long hike.

10. San Antonio Hot Springs: Last and not least, these hot springs are truly breathtaking. You can find these beautiful pools just outside the Jemez Pueblo. With their water source being the San Antonio Creek, the pools are built into a vein of the Jemez Mountains. Similar to the Spence Hot Springs, the view from these springs is jaw-dropping and well worth the short hike.

Here’s a bonus shot of the John Dunn hot springs at night! Gotta love that New Mexico Sky. <3

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