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Most of Northern Australia has remained undisturbed by geological forces for over 500 million years. This is a land of enormous mountain ranges and long flowing rivers where freshwater crocodiles rule. The world’s largest tropical savanna environment, Northern Australia is home to hundreds of different species of colorful and unique wildlife. This is the world you get to experience in Australia’s Great Wild North. This aptly described “epic biological adventure” takes you through the wilderness of the rainforest on the giant screen.

Experience Australia’s Great Wild North, up close and personal, at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in the New Horizons Dome Theater & Planetarium. The show times are 1:10 pm, 4:05 pm, and 11:05 pm each day. You can get a special discount by purchasing a membership.

Australia’s Great Wild North is an incredible documentary film by the creators of Secrets of the Universe, Hello Earth, and Incredible Predators.

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