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In New Mexico, we believe in loving your neighbor, showing compassion, and sharing what we have with others. The giving season offers New Mexicans an excellent opportunity to express these values through the generosity and love in our actions. Many of us can’t wait to spread Christmas kindness and holiday joy.

Can You Complete the Christmas Kindness Challenge?

The 25 Days of Christmas Kindness Challenge is an exciting and creative way to count down the days until the 25th while filling the season with meaningful experiences. It’s also a fun way to get your family involved in the side of Christmas that’s more about what we give than what we receive.

We know you’re busy with New Mexico Christmas events, but see how many items you can complete on the 25 Days of Christmas Kindness Challenge. You can even tag your friends and work together! Then, share your progress and heartwarming experiences. You just might inspire others to join you in spreading holiday joy.

25 Days of Christmas Kindness Challenge
Courtesy of Flawless Content

The rules of the challenge are simple, and you don’t have to do each item in order or on the given day. The idea is just to do one of these kind acts each day until Christmas, and see how far you get:

  1. Bring a box of donuts or candy to work to share.
  2. Tell someone you love how important they are to you.
  3. Hold the door for a stranger.
  4. Buy a candy bar for the cashier when you check out.
  5. Donate food and supplies to an animal shelter.
  6. Make Christmas cards for your local police or fire dept.
  7. Spread holiday cheer with a day full of genuine compliments.
  8. Write a review for a product or service you love.
  9. Help someone carry their groceries.
  10. Donate old clothes, toys, and other items.
  11. Start a conversation with someone you don’t talk to much.
  12. Pay for someone else’s food or gas.
  13. Invite a friend or relative to dinner.
  14. Buy flowers for a friend.
  15. Give Christmas to a child via Toys for Tots or Angel Tree
  16. Volunteer for something meaningful.
  17. Give your spare change to a child you know.
  18. Surprise someone with a big tip.
  19. Give an anonymous present to a deserving coworker.
  20. Be kind to You. Take a Break.
  21. Buy a book to give to a stranger.
  22. Donate toiletries to shelters.
  23. Do chores for someone else.
  24. Share your traditions with a friend.
  25. Help Clean after Christmas for someone else.

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