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Locally made films to watch for at the 2018 Las Cruces International Film Festival

An array of features, shorts, music videos, and animations from all over the world will screen in under a month at the Las Cruces International Film Festival! But what about those made film? As a proud promoter of all things New Mexico, we found a few films made right here in the state to keep in mind for next month’s festival!


Why We Make Films – Short Film

LAS CRUCES—A young actress is unsure of why she puts up with all the hard work that goes into filmmaking until a co-star reminds her why.  Why We Make Films is reminiscent of old-timey musicals with a modern twist.

Written and Directed by Alfonso Loya










Wonderful Ed: A Santa Fe Story – Short Documentary

SANTA FE—A colorful narrative documentary film featuring the unique “folk artist” Ed Larson. This jovial and beloved artist has crafted iconic southwest-inspired works in a variety of mediums for decades in his rickety tin roof studio on Canyon Road. This bittersweet film depicts the end of an era for 85-year old Ed Larson—who has created and shared his artwork for 30 years—as his landlord’s pending rent increase forces Ed to close his studio.

Watch the trailer, as it speaks to the spirit of Santa Fe!





Frame of Mind – Music Video

LAS CRUCES—Constant fighting between a couple leads to a man decision on whether the heartbreak should continue. His future is decided by a pull of a trigger or a prick of a rose. Can one future of his own ghost’s hand on the gun lead him to the eternal crossroads, or can a rose lead him to the envious joyful love he once had? A music video for Juan Valles.

Directed by William Allen

Cinematography by Antonio Valles






Matter of Black – Short Film

RUIDOSO, LAS CRUCES—Two friends on a road trip watch yet another black man shot by police on social media, sparking a lyrical conversation exploring race, justice, and hope. Think Hip-hop meets Shakespear. 

Written by Julian Alexandar

Directed by Robert Dugan

Check out the teaser!




Longshotsville – Feature Film

TAOS—A self-created family of actors emerges from a community theatre in the quirky artist town of Taos, New Mexico. Taking their passions to the next level is going to take humor, courage and more than a little small-town heart.

Directed and produced by Jody McNicholas






These are just a few of the locally made films that will be featured at the festival! Know of any others? Comment below! For more information go to www.lascrucesfilmfest.com.

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  1. Jeffrey
    February 19, 2018 at 8:07 pm — Reply

    “Rock Me Sock Me” made in Albuquerque!


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